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This page includes some information about our special electronic equipment.


Here you can find
user manuals, short descriptions, data sheets
and other helpful hints.


Roland GR-33B
used on this track:



Ashly Dual Channel Comp/Limiter
Model CL-52E

Ashly Keyboard Prozessor

Ashly One Third Oktave
31 Band Graphic Equaliser

Ashly Stereo 15 Band
Graphic Equaliser
Model GQ-215

Ashly Stereo Noise Gate
Model SC-33

D+R Stereo Reverb
Model II

Dynacord Vocoder
SRV 66

EMS 8-Oktav Filter Bank

EMU ESi-32 Digital Sampler

EV Electro Voice EX-18 Electronic Crossover

Kawai Four Stereo Effect Processors RV-4

ProCo Rat R2DU

Roland Multi Timbral Sound Modul D-110

t.c.electronic Parametric Equalizer/Preamplifier
TC 2240

Vesta Kozo RV-3

Yamaha Guitar Midi Converter G50


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AKG D 230

AKG D 310

AKG D 707

AKG D 401

Beyer M 55 LM

Beyer M 81 LM

Beyerdynamic M 69

Electro-Voice PL 6

Electro-Voice PL 11

RFT KM8157

Senator Hi-Fi

Sennheiser MD 21

Sennheiser MD 402 LM

Sennheiser MD 421

Sennheiser MD 441

Shure 517 Unidyne B

Shure BG1.1

Shure Prologue 10L

Roland GR 33B bass guitar
Roland GR 33B Synthesizer
Yamaha G50 guitar to midi converter

Roland GR-33B

Analog bass guitar synthesizer system (pitch to voltage technology).


Roland GR-33B
Audio: GR-33B on "Oceans" from "Universum"



Yamaha Guitar Midi Converter G50

The G50 is a high-performance Guitar MIDI Converter designed to work in conjunktion with the Yamaha G1D Divided Pickup Unit installed on an electric or steel-string acoustic guitar or a similar system for bass guitar. The G50 offers unprecedented MIDI guitar synthesizer performance with exceptionally fast response and a range of advanced features that bring thr true creative potential of MIDI control to guitar players for the first time. A MIDI guitar system incorporating the G50 and G1D is not only great for performance, but it gives guitar players an ideal means for entering music data in a MIDI sequence recording system.


Yamaha G50 manual



Sans Amp Bass Driver DI

Sans Amp Bass Driver DI

Nothing else is needed to record the electric bass


Tech 21



Palmer PAN04 Passive DI-Box Stereo




Ashly Keyboard Prozessor SC-44


Manual (pdf)



Furman Multi-Use Stereo Mixer Model MM-8A

The MM-8A Mixer has been designed so that each input will accommodate a wide range of input levels without overload or degraded signal-to-noise performance. It can be used with microphones, line level sources, or any signal level in between.

EMS Rehberg Logik Sysnthesizer

EMS Rehberg LOGIK Synthesizer



Grundbegriffe der Elektronischen Musik - Hörbeispiele (Herbert Eimert, ca. 1963)



EMS Eight-Oktave Filter Bank



Moog Prodigy

Moog Prodigy

The Prodigy has two audio oscillators and a low frequence modulation oscillator. The audio oscillator can be synchronized to generate unique waveforms. The Prodigy performance controllers let you bent pitch and add vibrato at will.





Oberheim Maestro Ringmodulator



Akai and Roland

Akai Midi Drum Expander XE-8




Roland Multi Timbral Sound Modul D110





Dynacord Memory Delay Line MDL 10

This 19" chassis offers in just a single height unit a topquality digital delay with 7 effect presets: delay 1, delay 2, delay 3, flange, double 1, double 2 and a chorus in stereo.


Original Dynacord catalogue page



Fostex Digital Delay Model 3050



Kawai RV-4

Kawai Four Stereo Effect Processors RV-4

The RV-4 comprises of 4 stereo in/out effect processors. This configuration enables you to create a detailed and wide sound quality by 8in/8out. You can select the method in which to connect the 4 effect processors, including serial and parallel connection. You can combine these connecting methods and create up to 50 sets of original effects. Each of the 4 effect processors has its own external output even when the processors are connected serially. The RV-4 contains in its memory 100 programs and 400 effect settings. These programs and settings were pre-programmed based on 19 kinds of effects that were selected meticulously.


Manual (pdf)

Korg GR-1

Korg Gated Reverb GR-1




D&R Stereo Reverb Model II





Pignose Guitar Amplifier

It's a Studio and Performing Amp. The Pignose 7-100 sound is so good that many players use it as a preamp in stage and studio performances. This is done by sending the pre amp out signal to a bigger amp or PA (for stage performances) or to the recording console (for recording).





The Audio Technica Guitar Headphone Amp
and the S.M.I.L.E. Blaster Tube Preamp also
are useful low cost tools, not only for the guitar.



Klein+Hummel Telewatt HiFi Mono-Mischverstärker T 15





Nomad Axxeman

The Nomad Axxeman is a fabulous and rare guitar pre-amp
manufactured in the United Kingdom in the early 80's. It contains a built-in compressor, followed by a switchable 4 preset tone control (deep, bright, hard and edge), an overdrive sektion and a chorus effect (normal, deep) together with a good ADT analogue delay circuit.


This vintage analogue Effect-Rack also includes a two channel denoiser and a double noise gate.




Firefox Mini Stratocaster

Firefox Mini Stratocaster

The picture shows the relations to a normal sized Fender Telecaster. This guitar is 100% original – including microphonic pickups.



T.C. Electronic
Parametric Equalizer/Preamplifier TC 2240

The TC equalizer/preamp has extremely high input impedance at the jack input and is capable of handling high signal levels at the XLR input. When using the jack input there is an additional gain of 15 dB, allowing guitar signals, instrument-pickup signals and hi-fi equipment level signals to be boosted to professional levels.



ProCo Rat R2DU

During the rack effects boom of the 1980s, Pro Co introduced the R2DU, which was essentially two RAT circuits in a single rack space box. The two units could be used separately or cascaded together for a more powerful distortion.




Dynacord Reference 3000

Dynacord Reference 3000 Bass Combo

In addition to it's robust engineering, the Reference 3000 offers a multitude of sensible features: gain control with clipping indicator, an active crossover for subwoofer and biamping operation (100 to 600 Hz), an 11-band graphic equalizer, a tunable compressor, a tunable voicing filter (100Hz to 300Hz) for special bass boost effects, effect-break jacks, studio output and additional connection options.


Original Dynacord catalogue pages



Dynacord Compact Rotor System CLS 22 / CLS 222


Info CLS 222


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